Have fun with your next favorite boardgame!
Did you ever have a game you really liked? Maybe there are similar games that are even better! BoardGameGeek is a site where hundreds of thousands of users have rated tens of thousands of games. In total they currently have about 13 million reviews. An example could be: user 'Amy' gave game 'Catan' a rating of '8').

With machine learning, the computer is able to cluster similar games together, based on the review patterns that it distills from the review data. For example, maybe some fantasy games exist that are rated high by people who like fantasy games. The computer figures out wat 'similar' means with only the users, games and ratings at it's disposal. With this site you can also explore the results!

For the enthusiasts who want to know what's under the engine: At Kaggle I've uploaded the data, including some exploratory data analysis and an in-depth analysis. And the code of the app on GitHub.

Try it out yourself and have fun!

Minimum number of ratings for a game
Number of similar games in the result

Amount of scores a game has receivedNumber of reviews
Score on BGG ('GeekScore'). This score is penalized for a small amount of reviewsBGG GeekScore
Mathemathical average of reviews on BGGBGG Average
Model score has a range between -0.4 and +0.4 (most scores are between 0 and 0.3). This is a score that's 'unbiased' for user preferences, such as users giving games a higher score just because they are fan of the genre Model Score
The smaller the number, the more similar (0 being equal, and around 5 the most dissimilar)Similarity